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Army JROTC is a character development program with emphasis on team building, decision making, and other skills necessary to become a motivated citizen. Cadets who join the Golden Knights Battalion will have the opportunity to explore exciting military careers—with no military obligation—while developing valuable leadership skills.

Army JROTC leadership and education curriculum was developed nationally, and covers character development, leadership, physical fitness, American history, citizenship, government, English, geography, math, and military skills. There are many opportunities in this program for team building, advancement, self-discipline, and achievement all while giving back to the community. Cadets from the Golden Knights are often seen around Jackson at community events or helping non-profit organizations accomplish their missions.

Many Cadets have scholarship opportunities for college ROTC programs and competitive placement with military academies. All students will prepare for and take the ASVAB test, which is used for determining cadet qualification for enlistment, and cadets earning a position in the Armed Forces will receive advanced rank placement.

Army JROTC Clubs include:
• Academic Challenge
• Drill and Color Guard
• Leadership Challenge
• RAIDERS (Outdoor Adventure)
• Air Rifle Marksmanship

Not sure if you are a good fit for this program? Each program has a list of recommendations to follow when placing students in classes called "SUCCESS INDICATORS". Students do best when their characteristics align with these recommendations.

Success indicators for all programs

2024 Calendar of Events

Potential Jobs

  • Combat Medic
  • Infantryman
  • Administration / Management

Potential Careers with income

Career Credentials & Certifications

  • Military Career Readiness Certificate (MCRC), Cadet Command Form 134-R
  • Presidential Fitness Award 
  • CPR / First Aid

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