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Careers in Education

The Careers in Education program prepares students for college in the field of education as well as other careers working with children. The program explores many aspects of education, ranging from a historical perspective to modern-day practices.

In this class, students explore various careers in the field of education, including counseling, social work, special education, teaching, and teaching assistants. Effective teaching techniques are taught while studying child growth and development, health and nutrition, positive guidance, curriculum planning, technology, and assessments. While working in the on-site preschool lab, students assist and plan age-appropriate lessons, observe professional educators, and develop classroom management and diverse learning skills.

First-year students begin in a classroom environment, and demonstrate learning through presentations, research papers, and group activities before moving on to work in an early childhood setting. Lesson planning, preparation, and implementation are covered while students manage small groups of children. To remain in the program, students must also pass a CPR/first aid test.

Second-year students return to work on their Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, while utilizing an online curriculum enhanced with in-depth classroom experience at a local elementary site. This includes working directly with children, planning and teaching. This experience often inspires students to pursue education careers. (Second-year students must maintain a 3.0 or better GPA to take part in this opportunity.) 

Field trips include visits to colleges and outings with preschool children. Successful students are self-motivated, confident, outgoing, creative, and enjoy working with children. 

Not sure if you are a good fit for this program? Each program has a list of recommendations to follow when placing students in classes called "SUCCESS INDICATORS". Students do best when their characteristics align with these recommendations.

Success indicators for all programs

Potential Jobs

  • Teacher
  • Classroom Aide
  • Counselor
  • Paraprofessional
  • Social Worker
  • Speech Therapist

Potential Careers with Income

Career Credentials & Certifications

  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Child Development Associate (CDA)

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