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Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing careers continue to grow as companies are offering wider ranges of products. Organizations rely on a sales and marketing professional's ability to identify and meet customer needs.

The design of this two-year program prepares students for success in a business workplace. Students learn the employment skills required in a professional office setting. Students learn how to communicate with others, conduct research, present business-related solutions, and explore business career opportunities.

Students that excel within the Sales and Marketing program will have a distinct advantage over the typical high school student in the job market. The curriculum challenges students by requiring critical decision making while developing their own personal brand. Within their first year, students will learn skills that support the concepts of entrepreneurship, and marketing and personal selling while working in the school store.

During their second year, students will learn about business management, finance, and big picture strategic thinking. The second year is also a time for students to focus their studies on a specific area within the business process by engaging in work-based learning, managing an area within our school store, or individualized study within specific areas of sales.

All students have the opportunity to join DECA, an extracurricular club for future business professionals that want to expand their communication skills through roleplay, research, presentations, and professional interactions. During this experience, students have the opportunity to network with like-minded student professionals, travel, and demonstrate mastery through competition. 

Not sure if you are a good fit for this program? Each program has a list of recommendations to follow when placing students in classes called "SUCCESS INDICATORS". Students do best when their characteristics align with these recommendations.

Success indicators for all programs

Potential Jobs

  • Sales Representative
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Marketing Associate
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Entrepreneur
  • Communication Specialist
  • Marketing Manager

Potential Careers with Income

Career Credentials & Certifications

  • eFood Handlers
  • Digital Marketing Certifications - Stukent, Facebook/Instagram

Free College Credit Opportunities

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